Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Handblown Glass....Rick Shapero

Handblown glass by Rick Shapero

Dunn Hill Ironworks....Randy Dunn

                             Here are just two of Randy's works.  Stop by and see all of them!

What's New?

Boy, it has been a long time since I have posted an entry.  Let's say I have been busy with year-end work & taxes!

I am working very hard to offer new and exciting items for sale.  Some of the old will be gone and new is coming in.  I also hope to be offering several new classes or new twists on old classes!

This month I will be featuring the art work of Rick Shapero and Randy Dunn...enjoy!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Artist, Jan Sitz

Porcelain goat, boy fishing and "Wee" babies --all hand poured, painted, dressed and embellished -- one of a kind, to be sure! 

Featured Artists

Each month I am going to post pictures of the art from two artists who contribute to Woolderness, Fiber Arts Studio.  This month I am showing the work of Diane Keighley -- nuno felted silk scarves and wool slippers, and Jan Sitz -- heirloom porcelain dolls!

Diane is a summer resident of the Les Cheneaux Islands.  She is an expert knitter and is a welcome addition to our Thursday knitting group during the summer.  She also teaches nuno felting at Woolderness.

All her scarves and slippers come in a variety of colors and styles.   You can call Woolderness for more specific information - 906-484-1258!

Artist, Diane Keighley

 Here are just a few of many NUNO FELTED SILK scarves created by Artist, Diane Keighley

Hand knit wool slippers

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Old Fashion Towels

I love making these old fashion, 100% cotton dish towels.  They look like the ones "grandma" used way back when.  They come in a variety of colors:  red, blue, green, yellow & black.